Ibiza Voice Q&A

18 Jun, 2014

Sasha is interviewed in Ibiza Voice about his new label, Last Night On Earth. He says the label isn’t intended for big releases but should help give a push to forward-thinking melodic house artists:

Well, we get sent a lot of music and I’m always digging around. Plus the guys who work for the label in London are always at weird warehouse parties in East London at 8am on Sunday morning, hearing the latest dope shit. They’re my ears on the ground.

As EDM has taken over, not being on the main stage any more isn’t a problem:

There was a time three or four years ago when I was playing music that I wasn’t 100% into and I realised that I didn’t belong on the main stage at festivals anymore. I felt that I needed to shift what I was doing at festivals and start to play music that was closer to my heart again, and that was around the time we started the label.

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