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16 Oct, 2014

Edward Norton interview


Norton appears as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live and talks about his experience as the very first Uber passenger.

I met Travis, who started Uber, back when it was still kind of this funky little experiment in San Francisco, and I was super-impressed by what he was doing. As someone who’s had a long-standing antipathy and occasional physical battle with New York cab drivers, I begged him to bring it to New York City. Begged him, literally.

Edward Norton Was First LA Uber Passenger

1 Aug, 2012

The Talks interview


Norton gives an interview to The Talks. He discusses when he realized he was a good actor, how acting makes him happy, and his preparation for a project.

Preparation is very important. I start by looking at many things, from clothes to music to voice. I know it sounds weird, but sometimes figuring out the clothes can really start to help you inhabit a character. It’s different every time. Sometimes it’s music, sometimes the voice is important first.

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