Emilia Clarke

Garden of Bones

12 Apr, 2012

Clarke appears as Daenerys Targaryen in episode four of season two, Garden of Bones. Trapped in the Red Waste of the continent of Esteros with the remainder of her Dothraki khalasar, she is informed by a returning bloodrider that the city of Qarth is nearby and will give her group refuge as she is ‘The Mother of Dragons.’ Her counseler, the Westerosi knight Ser Jorah Mormont, played by Iain Glen, advises her that the area around the city is called the Garden of Bones as people who are turned away from its gates perish there from exposure and thirst. The group travels to the city and its council demand to see Daenerys’s dragons or they will not let her in. Daenerys threatens to take vengeance on them, until one of the council swears a blood oath to allow them to enter the city as his guests.

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