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23 Sep, 2015

Bloomberg Business interview

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Altman is interviewed by Chang on Bloomberg Business.

It’s been a really fun job. We’re sort of the flagbearer for this movement towards more innovation, and more startups, and it’s a particularly fun time to be in that place. We’ve really been able to scale up the organization and the number of startups quite a bit. The best part is that we get to work with the most incredible startups each day…We think that generally our role is to increase the innovation in the world as much as we can, and we are not tied to any sector, or stage, or startup. We see a lot of new ways to do that. If we can fund 10,000 companies over the next decade with our fellowship that would be incredible.

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18 May, 2015

Bloomberg West interview

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Gouw and Cassidy discuss gender bias in the VC industry with Bloomberg’s Chang on Bloomberg West. Cassidy:

At the end of the day, our own data shows that women face discrimination and bias. 67% of women tech founders said they encounter that. When you try to change any ecosystem — particularly ones in The Valley — you start with what’s possible. In fact, entrepreneurship thrives on the idea of possibility. Have we faced bias? Yes. Have men faced bias, who are older than the young 22-year-old founder? They have too. The point is if we want to make progress on this issue, we do actually need to showcase what is possible. The return to possibility is one of the ways, in fact, to enable change. It is important to amplify what’s possible in the women entrepreneurs who are succeeding in The Valley every day.


Culture is actually important in people’s ability to succeed or not succeed in a particular environment. What Sukindar wrote in Choose Possibility is important for two reasons. One, the fastest way to make a change is to start something new, and the second is it brings a positive narrative of people who are succeeding and killing and starting things in Silicon Valley.

The Female-Run VC Funds Shaking Up the Status Quo

5 Feb, 2015

Bloomberg Business interview

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Gouw and Fonstad talk to Chang and Johnson on Bloomberg West about how Aspect Ventures looks to help start companies for the long-term and where they see growth. Gouw:

This is our entrepreneurial thing. It’s like when entrepreneurs see a vision and you are both called to something. And we think this is a great time to be focused on seed and early-stage investing around mobility as a theme, through the stack, from enterprise to consumer. And to work with someone you know for two decades.


There is an explosion of opportunity in the mobile space, our firm will be focussing exclusively in the mobile space, but we define it much more broadly than you’ve seen in the press in the past. We think that that mobile will infuse and touch every aspect of the software stack.

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1 Aug, 2011

Bloomberg interview: Joyus

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Gouw talks with Bloomberg West‘s Chang, about the Accel Partner’s $7.9 million investment in Joyus, a startup that helps shoppers discover goods via short-form videos. She also discusses Accel’s investment strategy and the impact of social media on consumers.

We always look for entrepreneurs with huge vision and strong domain expertise, and going after a large market that’s growing in a discontinuous way, because of technology or distribution, such as social sharing.

Accel's Ranzetta Discusses Joyus Startup, Social Media