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Eminem (Marshall Bruce Mathers III) is an American rapper and producer born in 1972 in St. Joseph, Missouri. He was the number one selling artist in the United States during the 2000s. Eminem. He has released the albums InfiniteThe Slim Shady LPThe Marshall Mathers LPThe Eminem ShowEncoreRelapseRecovery, and The Marshall Mathers LP 2. Eminem also starred in the films 8 Mile and The Wash. Awards he has attained include13 Grammy Awards, 10 American Music Awards, and 17 Billboard Music Awards. He was formerly married to Kim Mathers and has three children.

2 May, 2017

Lose Yourself writer: New Zealand ad is ‘blatant rip-off’

Makes Statement

Bass, who wrote the guitar riff for Eminem’s Lose Yourself, testifies in the High Court in Wellington about the development of the song with co-writer Luis Resto, who replaced some of the guitar elements with keyboards in order to remove some of the rock feel of the song without losing the hip hop tone.

I picked up a guitar and started playing that opening guitar chord. At that time, I didn’t know if it was a song or not. It took [Eminem] a number of months to author the perfect lyrics that were just right for the beat…It really developed in a little studio we had set up in his trailer [when he was filming 8 Mile].

He denies the chords sound like Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir and says that while he’d heard the chords played before, he’d never heard them in that particular rhythm– by putting an accent on the third beat he says it was as if he was playing guitar and drums at the same time.

The intention was to create a tense, hypnotic feeling. It starts playing, and never goes away. Along with that drum beat, it actually will hypnotize you, where you are feeling that something’s going to happen.

When asked about the National Party’s song:

It’s a blatant rip-off…[It sounds like] Lose Yourself Lite…It doesn’t taste so good, though.

25 Aug, 2015

Farrakhan, Eminem meet

Makes Statement

In an over 2 1/2-hour dinner in Eminem’s Detroit hotel room, Farrakhan talks about the responsibilities that stars like Eminem have toward society to influence people positively. Spokesperson:

It was a beautiful discussion. Eminem was engaged. His manager (Paul Rosenberg) was engaged. It was a great time and experience…[Farrakhan talked to Eminem about] using his influence and using his power through rap music and hip-hop culture to influence people positively, so our children, our youth, can grow into more positive humans.

6 Apr, 2014

Spike Lee directs Headlights


Eminem announces Spike Lee as director for the music video for Headlights.

Detroit’s Finest EMINEM And Me Working Together On His Short a Film.Historic. Who Woulda Thunk It.

31 Oct, 2012

Produces Skylar Grey’s debut


Eminem executive produces Skylar Grey’s major-label debut album, Don’t Look Down.

When I was working on Recovery I was introduced to Skylar by Alex Da Kid and I was blown away with her talent as both a songwriter and vocalist. This album is really going to give her a chance to connect with the fans who probably know her music, but might not know her yet. I think they will be as impressed as I am.


Putting out a debut album is a bit scary I want it to be just right so I took some extra time to finish it. Eminem’s increased involvement has been such a blessing; I’m getting guidance from an artist I really admire and trust. Having written many new songs, the album has become a completely different animal, hence the title change. This new single with Em, in particular, is very exciting. We have worked on so many serious songs together it’s a nice change of pace to do something fun and sarcastic.

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