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Emma Stone

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Emma Stone is an American actress and model born in 1988 in Scottsdale, Arizona. She is well known for her roles in The House BunnyPaper ManZombielandEasy AThe CroodsThe Help, and The Amazing Spider-Man movie series. Television shows she has been featured in include iCarly and 30 Rock. Stone has won awards such as a Young Hollywood Award, Teen Choice Award, Satellite Award, and two MTV Movie Awards.

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12 Feb, 2015

Aloha trailer

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The trailer for Aloha is released. The movie, directed by Cameron Crowe, stars Cooper as a military contractor who returns to the U.S. space program in Honolulu after blowing an assignment. Stone is his love interest. The film also stars Rachel McAdams, Alec Baldwin and Bill Murray.

1 Feb, 2015

W cover

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Stone appears on one of six covers of the February 2015 issue of W magazine.

29 Jan, 2014

Emma Stone interview

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Seacrest interviews Stone during On Air With Ryan Seacrest and questions her about her role in the film The Amazing Spider-Man 2. 

Basically they’re going to see the continuation of the Spider Man story, which is the hero’s journey, and he’s up against a whole new squadron of villains and he’s struggling with promises he’s made in the last movie and the consequences of making those and what it’s like to be in love with somebody who you promised to not see anymore. I think the intention the whole time has been to tell Gwen’s story has closely to the comic as possible.

1 Feb, 2013

Glamour UK cover

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glamour_feb_gl_21dec12_cover_bbbtStone appears on the cover of the February 2013 issue of Glamour UK magazine. She talks about sex scenes with Gosling.

29 Jan, 2013

Vanity Fair cover

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1359496570_emma-stone-ben-affleck-bradley-cooper-lgStone, Affleck, and Cooper appear on the cover of the March 2013 issue of Vanity Fair magazine. They were chosen for the cover because of their accomplishments over the past year. Vanity Fair says:

[The photos are taken in] the house where Robert Duvall, the consigliere to the Corleone family, arranges to have the recalcitrant movie producer who lives there wake up with his prize horse’s head in his bed.

18 Jan, 2013

W Magazine cover

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1358525054_emma-stone-w-cover-lgStone appears on the cover of the February 2013 issue of W Magazine. She talks about being in more serious films.

In real life, sometimes it’s uncomfortable for me not to go for the joke. I’ve been looking at that in myself lately. Often, joking for me is a way of diffusing the awkwardness of a situation, so it’s kind of exhilarating to be a part of projects where there’s nothing funny or light-hearted.

1 Aug, 2012

Teen Vogue cover

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2012-08-coverStone and Garfield appear on the cover of the August 2012 issue of Teen Vogue magazine. They talk about working on The Amazing Spider-Man together. Stone says:

Really, the way he is as an actor is just completely different from anyone I’ve ever worked with. I never went to school for this, so getting to be a sponge off certain people is very vital to me.

British Vogue cover

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Vogue-August12_bt_268x353Stone appears on the cover of the August 2012 issue of British Vogue magazine. The cover photo is shot by Patrick Demarchelier and styled by Clare Richardson.

18 Jun, 2012

Vogue cover

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1340046426_emma-stone-lgStone appears on the cover of the July 2013 issue of Vogue magazine. In the magazine, her boyfriend Andrew Garfield says:

Working with Emma was like diving into a thrilling, twisting river and never holding on to the sides. From the start. To the end. Spontaneous. In the moment. Present. Terrifying. Vital. The only way acting with someone should be.

1 Sep, 2011

Teen Vogue cover

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cosl-2011-09-coverStone appears on the cover of the September 2011 issue of Teen Vogue magazine. She talks about changing her hair color, working with Andrew Garfield, and fashion.

At first I didn’t think I was allowed to have opinions without being a crazy person or completely irrational. It’s like in life, you learn where you can have them. But my stylist understands me completely. She’s not like, ‘You’re going to wear this sparkly princess gown.

6 Nov, 1988

Emma Stone born in Scottsdale, Arizona

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emma-stone-5Emily Jean “Emma” Stone is born in Scottsdale, Arizona to Krista Jean and Jeffrey Charles Stone. Her father is the founder and CEO of a general-contracting company while her mother is a housewife. She has an younger brother named Spencer. She attends Sequoya Elementary School in Scottsdale.

We did live on the 16th hole of the Camelback golf course. But it once said on Wikipedia that my parents owned the golf course, which could not be further from the truth. But if you’re in Arizona, you’re at least within a couple miles of, if not on, a golf course.