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16 Nov, 2022

Fallon asks Musk to take down #RIPJimmyFallon hashtag

Makes Statement

Fallon asks to Musk to take down the hashtag #RIPJimmyFallon that has been trending on the platform.

Elon, can you fix this? #RIPJimmyFallon

Musk intitially replied with ‘Fix what?’, and later replied with a joke:

Wait a second, how do we know you’re not an alien body snatcher pretending to be Jimmy!? Say something that only the real Jimmy would say …

16 Sep, 2015

Trump – Clinton call skit


Clinton chats with Fallon, playing Trump, in a skit on The Tonight Show. 

Clinton: What is your stance on women’s issues.
Fallon/Trump: I know a lot of women and they have issues.

When Fallon/Trump makes fun of Sanders’s lack of hair, Clinton:

Yeah, well, at least he doesn’t have one strand that he twirls over his head like a soft-serve at Dairy Queen.

11 Sep, 2015

Tonight Show interview


Trump is interviewed by Fallon on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. On talking without notes:

I’m blessed with a great memory. If you’re reading a speech, it’s much easier, but you don’t get the feeling. When you do it just off the cuff, it’s a riskier thing, but when you get it right, it’s a thing of beauty.

On Kanye West:

Kanye has been so nice to me. He always says great things to me, so I love Kanye. I love people who are nice to me. Kanye is actually, I know him a little bit, he’s actually a much nicer person than people think. Now if he happens to run for office, and I’m running against him, I’m gonna take that back.

28 Jul, 2015

Lip Sync Battle

TV Appearance

Cruise participates in a Lip Sync Battle against Fallon, on the Tonight Show. Cruise lip syncs The Weeknd’s Can’t Feel My Face and Meatloaf’s Paradise by the Dashboard Light, ending his performance with a 360 degree turn. Fallon sings the Rolling Stones, Undercover of the Night and You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’. When Cruise appears to reprise his Risky Business movesFallon says:

Please do not do that. That would not be fair!

13 Jul, 2015

Explains finger injury

Makes Statement

Fallon returns to The Tonight Show after a 10-day hospitalization and explains his finger injury. What he thought was a broken finger was actually a ring avulsion injury, and he was sent to another hospital for specialized microsurgery. Many people with the same injury lose their finger. The six-hour surgery involved taking a vein from his foot to help repair the finger.

I tripped and fell in our kitchen on a braided rug that my wife loves. I can’t wait to burn it to the ground. And I caught my fall. So I’m getting up and my finger is sideways. It looks like a cheap horror movie.

24 Apr, 2015

Nonsense Karoke

Music Performance

Pratt appears on the The Tonight Show to promote his movie Jurassic World. He participates in the segment called Nonsense Karoke. Fallon:

This is no ordinary Karoke, this is Nonsense Karoke…We are going to take turns singing well known songs, but here is the catch. All the lyrics have been replaced with odd and an usual sentences, basically nonsense.

2 Mar, 2015

History of Duets

Music Performance

Clarkson joins Fallon on The Tonight Show for a History of Duets, including I Got You Babe, Islands in the Stream and Don’t You Want Me Baby. Fallon:

Kelly Clarkson is on the show tonight and she’s awesome. I was actually reading a piece last week that says she’s been having trouble finding people to do duets with her. I don’t understand what they’re talking about I would love to do a duet with Kelly Clarkson!


3 Dec, 2014

Frances Cole Fallon born


Fallon and wife Nancy Juvonen welcome their second child via surrogate, baby girl Frances Cole Fallon. Frances joins big sister, Winnie Rose. Rep:

The Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon and his wife, Nancy, have welcomed a baby girl. Frances Cole Fallon officially entered the world at 8:45 am on December 3rd weighing 5 lbs. 11 ounces and is 18.5 inches long. Their new addition joins big sister, Winnie Rose, 1. The couple opted to keep their baby joy to themselves until their new daughter, Frances Cole, made her official debut. Both Fallon babies were born via surrogate.

17 Oct, 2014

Jimmy Fallon interview

Seacrest interviews Fallon during On Air With Ryan Seacrest about his single EW ft. Will.i.am rising to number 26 on the Billboard Top 100.

Immediately I thought of you guys. Now you have to play the song, right? I couldn’t believe it. I was figuring like 99 or in the 80s or something like that. Everyone was helping me out, trying to get the song out there, but 26, I was like, ‘This is insane.

7 Oct, 2014

EW video release

Fallon releases the music video for Ew! Produced by will.i.am, the video features Fallon as Sara, his 15-year-old alter ego, and will.i.am performing in a high school dance.

So we had will.i.am on the show about two months ago, he’s performing a song, he’s amazing, and then backstage we’re talking and he goes, ‘I really like that sketch that you do, ‘Ew!’ where you dress up as a 15-year-old girl and everything is like, ‘Ew. I said, ‘You know, we’re doing it with Taylor Swift this week, but next time you come back I’ll write you in and we’ll do one.’ And then he goes, ‘Great, or we can do a song. I’d love to do a song about you.

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