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21 May, 2015

Army calls for unity

Protesters battle police in violent anti-government demonstrations, as security forces try to stem unrest. At least two protesters are shot dead and eight are wounded in clashes with police in the capital, Bujumbura. Defence Minister Ntahonvukiye calls for unity in the wake of the abortive coup, which was crushed by loyalist forces after street fighting between rival factions. Military statement:

The survival of Burundi as a nation depends on the cohesion of the army.

18 May, 2015

Purges cabinet

Political Appointment

President Nkurunziza purges his cabinet, while protesters are warned that they will be treated as accomplices of the rebel generals who staged the coup. Defence Minister Gaciyubwenge is replaced by Ntahonvukiye, a lawyer who becomes the first civilian defence chief in 50 years. Foreign Minister Kavakure is replaced by Aime, a former ambassador to the African Union; while Trade Minister Ciza is replaced by Inantore. Spokesperson:

The president has powers under the constitution, including being able to change the government, He believes that the time has come and it is up to his discretion.

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