Ethan Carter III

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20 Aug, 2014

Between the Ropes interview


Carter sits down with Between the Ropes to discuss current events in TNA.

There is a lot of chatter and I think a lot of misinformation but I know that Spike and TNA are in constant negotiations and I leave that to them. What I do know is that we have an awesome product that is continually getting better each and every week so if it’s Spike, if it’s somewhere else we are an asset and will continue moving forward and I’m very confident in our future as a company.

19 Feb, 2014

The Art of Wrestling interview


Carter is a guest on The Art of Wrestling to discuss his time in WWE, TNA and jokes about his rich boy character.

I’m a one percenter if you watch TNA. I’m filthy rich. I’m the nephew to my sweet dearest aunt. I just discovered this family lineage which could have been helpful so much earlier.

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