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Criticizes EU on immigration

25 Jul, 2015

Speaking at a cultural festival in Romania, Hungarian PM Orban, says the European Union is not doing enough to defend citizens from refugees from Africa. Hungary has registered more than 80,000 illegal migrants so far this year, nearly double the number for all of last year, according to official data. Orban says that mass immigration will deteriorate European lifestyles, cultures, and values, and blames illegal migrants for rising crime rates and economic problems.

For us, today Europe is at stake. The survival, disappearance or, more precisely, the transformation beyond recognition of the European citizen’s lifestyle, European values and the European nations.  The question now is not only what kind of Europe we Hungarians would like to live in. Rather, will all that we now call Europe exist at all?..It is clear that we can’t filter out the hostile terrorists in the huge crowds. We would like for Europe to keep belonging to the Europeans. We want to preserve the Hungarian Hungary…The really serious threats are arriving not from the war zones … but from the depths of Africa. Northern Africa today can no longer defend Europe from the immense masses of people.

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