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1 Apr, 2015

Women’s Health cover

Magazine Cover

Mendes appears on the cover of April 2015 issue of Women’s Health. She talks about her newborn daughter and being photographed in public.

I’m actually enjoying the sleepless nights because it’s bonding with my little girl…I don’t feel like I’ve really earned the right [to give motherly advice.] I want to respect all the moms out there. They’re going to be like, ‘You know what? You’re a few months in. Just shut up.

12 Sep, 2014

Daughter born


Mendes and Rosling welcome a daughter into the world. This is the first child for both of them. Source:

She’s absolutely in heaven being a mom. She’s never been happier. She and Ryan are just in awe of this beautiful person they created. It’s a really special time for them.

1 May, 2014

Flare cover

Magazine Cover

Mendes appears on the cover of the May 2014 issue of Flare magazine. She talks about her favorite film actresses, body conscious clothes, and why she hates skinny jeans.

I’m always in dresses, in skirts—I think they’re so easy. People are always saying, ‘I love jeans, they’re so casual and easy,’ but I think jeans aren’t easy. They’re my worst nightmare.

3 Apr, 2013

Tavis Smiley interview


Mendes discusses her career and her role in the indie drama, The Place Beyond the Pines, in this interview for PBS. On still being a student of acting:

But I love it, because it’s a chance for me to be creative and put something out there, and then your teacher’s right there to critique you, and it’s always – I worked with Ivana Chubbuck. She’s an amazing, amazing teacher. I’ve taken class with Larry Moss, who’s more kind of in the theater world, so he’s really educated me about playwrights.

7 Sep, 2011

Gosling, Mendes dating

Mendes and Gosling are spotted on a date together. The couple decided to to go Disneyland and was seen holding hands and getting cozy.

They looked relaxed and seemed to be having a fun time together. Like a dating couple, they always walked very closely, holding hands and their arms touching side-by-side.

1 Aug, 2010

Allure cover

Magazine Cover

Mendes appears on the cover of the August 2010 issue of Allure magazine. She talks about her image, nudity in Hollywood, and loving herself.

I’m definitely responsible for the image that I put out there, but it does become frustrating, because I don’t want ‘sexy’ to be my defining characteristic. I’d love for my ambition and will and intellect and sense of humor to define me as well.

1 Nov, 2007

Maxim cover

Magazine Cover

119cover_slideshow_l1Mendes appears on the cover of the November 2007 issue of Maxim magazine. She talks about being tough.

It’s funny. People think I’m tough because of the characters I play. In real life I’m not tough. I’m more of a cuddle bug than a tough sex goddess. I may look like a bad girl, but I’m just built that way. I’m actually a good girl.

1 Feb, 2007

Maxim cover

Magazine Cover

maxim_covers_110_l1Mendes appears on the cover of the February 2007 issue of Maxim magazine. She talks about the girls from LA and Children of the Corn V.

I was awful in Children. It was my first movie, and I hadn’t acted since being the fairy godmother in fourth grade. I’m not fishing for a compliment, but C5, as I call it, was a disaster.

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