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26 Aug, 2017

McGregor’s Irish fans take over Las Vegas

Ahead of McGregor’s fight with Mayweather, Irish fans crowd the streets and bars of Las Vegas. Fan:

The tickets were costly. We’ll probably have to starve for a couple of months but it was worth it. We’re here for Conor because we know he’s going to do it and we’re here to celebrate afterwards. I couldn’t get off work but I told them I have to get it off, I have to come here to support him.

Another fan:

My head says Mayweather, my heart says McGregor. If [Conor] hits him with one, he might finish him. I’m just here for a good time. We’re here on vacation and we happened to be here for the fight by chance. Just soaking in the atmosphere and the sun, having a good time.”

8 Mar, 2017

McGregor inspires fan to lose 38kg in one year

A Dublin man says McGregor’s win over Aldo inspired him to change his life and transform his body over the course of 12 months. Thomas Nolan, 23, weighed more than 22 stone (139kg) in December 2015 when he flew to Las Vegas to watch the fight. Since then he has lost more than six stone (38kg) and started a new career as a personal trainer.

I went on a holiday to Las Vegas with my brother to see the Conor McGregor fight against Aldo. The journey there was a nightmare. I was so anxious, I felt like I was so close to having a panic attack the whole time. When I was in Las Vegas I had to go into a shop for obese people to find something to fit me. That was so demoralising. The night I saw McGregor fight changed my life. This guy, who is from just down the road from me, could inspire this whole stadium of people and Irish people across the world. It was amazing. He could do something like this and I was sitting in my bedroom every day, watching series after series on Netflix, eating just for the sake of eating. I knew something had to give.