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26 Jun, 2016

Crashes out of Dutch GP


Rossi crashes out from his lead in the second lap of the restarted Dutch GP. Despite trying to restart the bike, he cannot re-enter the race.

I was a dunce, maybe even something worse … but I think that word will do. It’s a real pity. I had a good chance of bringing home some heavy points. On the dry I had a good pace, but I was doing well even in the wet. I had gotten off to a good start. I could have won. In the second lap I had widened the gap a bit and I wanted to keep pushing for another lap, but instead I made a rookie mistake. With the soft tyre I was able to be fast from turn 9 and I arrived at the braking point on turn 10 4 or 5 kph too fast. It’s one of the worst mistakes of my career, because the one in Austin could be expected after a lot of races. This one, on the other hand, is a rookie mistake. It’s disappointing to make a mistake when you have a chance of winning, when you’re up front with a gap, because it would have been enough just to be a bit more careful, to go a bit slower.

On the restart:

The bike switched off. It has a safety system to prevent the engine from being ruined. Then the race marshals didn’t help me, but I was in a bit of a dangerous spot and they were right. In any case, it wouldn’t have changed much. I would have finished with very few points.

8 May, 2016

French GP: Crashes, finishes 13th


Marquez crashes in the Le Mans GP, at the same time as Dovizioso crashes on the same corner. He continues the race to finish 13th (taking three points).

It was a pity about the crash today. I was having a good race, but these things can happen when you’re at the limit on every lap. I could have opted for a more conservative race, but here you can end up far back if you do that, so today I had to take risks. In the race I saw that I was losing ground under acceleration, and I had to make that back with my braking. Finally I lost the front and crashed. The positive is that I managed to get three points and I’m only five off Jorge Lorenzo in the standings, which isn’t a lot. Now we have a run of tracks that we found a little tough last year, but they’re quite different to Jerez and Le Mans, so I hope to be fast and have some good races.

10 Apr, 2016

Americas GP: Crashes in second lap

rossi crash

Rossi crashes out in the second lap of the Americas GP. At the time he is in fifth place. He has no injuries and returns to the pit lane. Dani Pedrosa and Andrea Dovizioso all crash out of the race. Marc Marquez wins the race.

The Michelin tyres have good performance, are good to ride and I like. The problem is you can’t make a mistake…if you make a small mistake, you pay. Because at that corner I entered at the same speed, but have two bumps – maybe I was more inside and I lose the front. So you have to concentrate, be precise and try not to make any mistake in the race. When I understand [what had happened] already the bike was 30 metres or more in front of me! It’s a shame because we lost some points in the championship and also because we could make a good race. The positive side is that we are strong and very fast, so we will be ready for Jerez.

4 Mar, 2016

Qatar test Day 3: Fourth place

Practice Event

On the third and final day of Qatar testing Marquez falls at the final corner, but is not injured and returns to the test after a short delay. He then Marquez performs a 14 lap run with a solid pace in the mid to low 1’56s with four 1’55 laps. On his 52nd and final lap of the day he achieves 1’55.402, coming fourth overall and 0.592s behind Jorge Lorenzo’s best time.

Honestly, I’m very happy today, because we have seen the light at the end of the tunnel. I went back to having a good feeling on the bike, and even though I crashed I know why it happened. We have improved a lot and I want to thank my team for the great work they have done, because they are working very hard; yesterday they finished at 3am, and they were back here at the circuit for 10am today…Yesterday I was worried about our level, because I had no pace or confidence, and today we have taken a big step forward, so I’m happy with the final result of the last preseason test. We have found out a lot of things that have allowed me to ride at a fairly good level.

2 Mar, 2016

Qatar test Day 1: Third place

Practice Event

Rossi’s Qatar MotoGP test gets off to a bad start when he falls on his out lap. He recovers and finishes in third place, 0.442s behind Jorge Lorenzo and 0.014s from Suzuki’s Maverick Vinales.

I started in a bad way, because after ten corners I crashed. I wasn’t very fast, but maybe because I had too much angle and the rear slid. But fortunately it was just a small slide at 70 km/h. It wasn’t a big problem but to start like this wasn’t fantastic… After, we jumped on the other bike and I’m quite satisfied about today because, also here in Qatar, it looks like our bike is competitive. We can be strong and fast and this is the most important thing, because it’s already the third track where the Yamaha is competitive. We also started with a good base set-up, in fact I didn’t work a lot on it. I felt good from the first moment, rode quite fast and I was able to consistently improve my lap times and in the end I’m in the third position, so it was a good day.

25 Oct, 2015

Marquez, Rossi clash

After being overtaken by Marquez in the 13th lap of the Sepang GP, Rossi runs Marquez wide and when Marquez’s Honda gets too close, Rossi pushes his leg against the bike. Marquez falls off his bike and is forced to retire. Rossi continues and finishes in third place. The race is won by Jorge Lorenzo. Marquez:

We were having a good race up until the incident – we started a fight between us and I always passed without making contact with him. At Turn 14 he passed me on the inside and I saw him looking at me. I didn’t know what to do. Then he kicked out at me, knocking my brake lever, and I crashed. Both what Valentino said to race direction and what he did on the track has made me disappointed. I’ve never seen anything like it: a rider kicking another rider.