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2 Jun, 2014

Governor awaits investigation

Makes Statement

Governor Deal makes a statement that he is awaiting the results of an investigation into the raid before further action, such as executive action or new legislation, is taken at the state level.

Any time you have bad facts like this one, it does give you cause for concern.  It’s one of those things that require a thorough investigation … to know what if anything we can learn from it.

Attorney: Police negligent

Makes Statement

The family’s attorney asks state and federal investigators to review the raid.  He says that the sheriff’s story doesn’t add up, and that surveillance video should have shown the children, who lived in the home for nearly two months.  He also says that police also should have noticed a van in the driveway that night which had four child car seats installed.

We believe they were criminally negligent because of the children. This isn’t police work.  This is cowboys.

30 May, 2014

Mother: Kids obviously live there

Makes Statement

The mother of injured toddler tells news sources that police officers should have been able to see that there were children living in the house before the raid was executed.

They say there were no toys.  There is plenty of stuff.  Their shoes were laying all over.

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