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8 Feb, 2012

The Talks interview


Coppola gives an interview to The Talks. He discusses his disinterest in art, the definition of success, and what interests him.

I want to learn something. That’s the real pleasure, when you understand an idea or you answer a question. When I was a little boy I used to think you could get all the answers to all the questions. I thought that you could learn who God is and he will answer why he made me. You think you are going to get those answers but you don’t. (Laughs)

18 May, 2007

Godfather auditions interview


Coppola and Pacino talk about Coppola’s desire to have Pacino play the role of Michael in the Godfather even when the executives refused. Pacino:

I remember saying (to Coppola) I just don’t respond well to being around where I’m not wanted.

Al Pacino's trials for The Godfather

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