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3 Sep, 2014

Back together

c-futureFor the sake of their four-month old son, Ciara gives Future a second chance. The couple is living together again and trying to make their relationship work. Sources:

She really cares about Future and still loves him.

26 Mar, 2014

Future interview


Williams interviews Future and questions him about his career, fiance Ciara and baby on the way.

The wedding plans are going great. I’ma let [Ciara] handle the wedding. I’m doing my album. The album’s coming out April 22, so she’s coordinating everything. She’s doing a great job at that. I’m just approving everything.

Future Talks Ciara, Beyonce and New Album

1 Jan, 1970

Spin cover

InterviewMagazine Cover

Future is featured on the cover of Spin magazine with an interview inside the issue. During the interview Future is questioned about his background, his latest album and his fiance Ciara and how she help him clean up his life.

just got into the relationship. It was fresh and I had to think Special. I was just like, ‘You’re on that purple drink, how’s that gonna look to people? Like I’m drinking lean and she’s this amazing R&B diva. I thought about people saying to her, ‘You are a pop star and this dude right here, he’s just this n—- drinking lean.’ How’s that gonna look? I am who I am. Ci helped me see that. You’ve gotta be special just to know the qualities in me and overcome everything somebody else has to say. It took a special person to see the realness.



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