Game of Thrones (TV)HBORobert Ball

‘Beautiful Death’

Mar 2014

HBO collaborates with 360i, a digital marketing agency, and artist Robert Ball to put together the Beautiful Death series, which chronicles the show’s iconic deaths by turning them into art. Ball says the images only take a few days to put together and are completely digital, although a few do contain hand drawn elements.  On his blog, the artist explains his reaction to the project and reveals the first image.

Working with the lovely guys at 360i in the US, for the past fortnight I’ve been drawing stabbings, garottings, beheadings, lancings, hangings, matricides, fratricides, genocides and suicides. Which is one way of making a living.  It’s amazing to be involved – in some small way – in one of the most relentlessly entertaining TV shows on the box.

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