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1 Jan, 2006

O Magazine Interview


Davis talks about going through the process of starring in the movie Thelma & Louise:

I read the script a year before I got cast. After reading it, I thought, God, I have to be in this movie. When I told my agent, he said the role had already been taken. But then the movie went through several directors and many sets of women before the producer, Ridley Scott, decided to direct it himself. So my agent called Ridley—the guy he’d called weekly for a year—and asked, Would you consider Geena for the part? Ridley said, Anyone with this much passion obviously deserves a meeting. So I met him at the Four Seasons for tea. I had notes and notes and notes on the script. I poured out my guts for two hours straight about why I should play Louise.

O Magazine interview


Davis talks to Winfrey for O Magazine about her role in the show Oval Office. 

We know how powerful media images are. The show is entertainment but seeing a woman in this role week after week makes people comfortable with the idea. That’s when television is of its greatest service. This show gives us a picture of a real woman with a somewhat rounded life. Some people have asked, Why do you have to include a family? Well, every president during my lifetime has had children.

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