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22 Oct, 2016

Calls McGregor a ‘cry baby’

Makes Statement

Mousai continues to comment on his Twitter exchange with McGregor.

I think his butt was hurt. He was sending me some messages. I don’t know what the crap he was talking about. I said to him, what’s he going to do about the 50 kilos (weight difference). He was being smart or I don’t know what the f-ck he was thinking. He was lighter than a pound and he can cut ear to ear. I don’t know, maybe he was saying ‘wait, I can beat you,’ but that’s retarded. If he wants to fight just say, ‘Next time I fight you.’ Don’t come and be philosophical about it. The guy has too much time.

He then criticizes McGregor’s body art:

The guy says something about everybody, but as soon as you say something about him he’s a cry baby. What the f-ck? I think the fame got to his head. If you put a tiger and a gorilla and your name on your chest and belly, you’re retarded. Come on, that’s not normal behaviour. He’s full of himself. He can go f-ck himself…If Mike Tyson talks big, he’s an intimidating guy, but when you’re Conor McGregor, the ginger… I don’t know what the f-ck he is, in that weight class he talks like a heavyweight…I don’t know what the f-ck he’s thinking…It’s ok to promote fights, but you can overdo it. He has no class. He would do anything for a little bit of money, probably he’s a prostitute. I don’t know what the f-ck he is. It doesn’t work like that. He can have a big mouth, but when he’s man-to-man with me alone, he’s not going to talk like that.

17 Oct, 2016

Calls McGregor a ‘retarded ginger’

Makes Statement

Mousasi gives more detail on the tweets that he claims McGregor sent him.

That ginger is f–king retarded. I think, you know, in an interview I mentioned about respect or whatever. He texted me on Twitter. So I said, ‘what are you going to do with your 50 kilos?’ You know he was like being philosophical or whatever the f–k he was writing. Something like, ‘a knife is lighter than a pound. It will cut ear to ear’. Whatever the f–k he was writing. That guy is a bum. He’s a 60-kilo guy. What the f–k is he going to do. If he’s face to face he’s not going to say that. You know Twitter gives some people courage.

When asked if it was definitely McGregor:

Yeah it was him. It came from his official (Twitter) account.

9 Oct, 2016

Says McGregor all about money

Makes Statement

After his UFC 2014 win, Mousasi talks about McGregor.

McGregor’s good for the sport but what is it. You had Muhammad Ali, he was a hero, he was besides a great boxer, he did a lot, he did big things. Now you have (Floyd) Mayweather and Conor McGregor — ‘I have money, I have money’ — and everybody loves it. That sells. People are stupid. What can I say? They don’t know who’s a real fighter or not. They just like to see expensive stuff on Instagram probably.

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