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1 Jan, 1999

Sworn in for second term

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Pataki is sworn in for a second term as the Governor of New York.

We believe in people, not bureaucracy. We believe in raising hopes, not raising taxes, the power of the individual and unbridled hope for the future. New York stands at the dawn of its greatest day.

2 Jan, 1995

Sworn in

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Pataki is sworn in as Governor of New York:

The change of administrations that we have just witnessed marks not just a transfer of political authority but a renewal of the democratic sanction under which it occurs, a reaffirmation of our common belief in a system of government that is ultimately answerable solely to the people. We, the people, know that we must launch a new era of individual liberty, responsibility and opportunity by removing obstacles government has placed in the path of an energetic and creative people. And to launch that new era is why the people have placed us here today. Let us begin.