Gina Gershon

Gina Gershon interview

4 Oct, 2013

Elle Magazine interviews Gershon about her role in the Lifetime biopic on Donatella Versace, ‬‪House of Versace‬‪.

‪I’ve never met her [Donatella]. The most important thing with any character is to capture their essence, but when you have someone as iconic as Donatella, and everyone really knows what she looks like she has a quite a specific look you need to own that.  You kind of learn someone else’s rules. Like, when my cat’s upset, his tail gets a certain way. If he’s happy, he walks a certain way. It’s the same with humans once you really observe them. Donatella is kind of shy, in a way. She got better and better, but in the beginning, she’s not totally comfortable with people. I think that’s where her look comes from: That half-eyed, glazy look. Not glazy, but her lids are down. It’s almost a protective thing.‬

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