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8 Dec, 2014

F4WOnline interview


Jarrett talks to F4WOnline about GFW’s upcoming debut and why he decided to start a new wrestling promotion now.

I just felt the time was right. I think that the talent pool is very, very deep – deeper than I’ve seen it in maybe 20 years. When the WWF bought WCW the business went through a transition change, and here we are almost 15 years later. I believe independent wrestling – the free agents – there is a very, very healthy talent pool. With the – I’ll call it distribution models – entertainment is changing not monthly but daily. It’s a small world. We have strategically partnered with companies around the world – not just New Japan – and I feel the wrestling fan base is very healthy right now.

6 Aug, 2014

Agreement with WWP

GFW announces agreement has been reached with South African/ Indian promotion, WWP. No details have been released on what the agreement entails.

There’s potential to reach a huge audience in that part of the world, and we hope to tap into that in any way that we can. Our fans might be surprised at the talent WWP already has, as well.

23 Jun, 2014

NJPW agreement


GFW announces a announce partnership with Japanese promotion, NJPW. The companies will be able to trade talents for shows in both countries.

What NJPW has done in the past 40 years speaks for itself, Several top American stars have appeared there through the years, including current IWGP heavyweight champion A.J. Styles.

29 Apr, 2014

AAA agreement

GFW announces agreement with Mexican wrestling promotion, AAA. The companies will be able to exchange talent for events in both the United States and Mexico.

I’ve had a working relationship with the family that owns AAA for the past 10-plus years. Karen and I have seen firsthand the passion of the wrestling fans throughout Mexico.

15 Apr, 2014

Production deal


GFW signs production deal with Biggest Loser creator, Dave Broome. Broome’s 25/7 production company will produce live events and a future unscripted series for the wrestling promotion.

We’re excited to enter this journey with a group as talented as Dave Broome and 25/7, They’ve achieved some great things over the past decade and we feel like they can lend a unique perspective both in and out of the ring.

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