Hayder Al-Abadi

Hayder Al-Abadi1 post
31 Aug, 2014

Will support Sunnis fighting ISIS

Al-Abadi says the government is willing to support Sunnis against ISIS as the group threatens to overrun Sunni-majority Anbar province, but they must accept state control:

I am not ready to send troops from the south to liberate Nineveh or Anbar or any other areas. I want the people of Nineveh to liberate their area … and Anbar’s people to liberate their areas, and they will be backed by the elite forces. Our army and our air forces will back those people, and I am ready to support all of them, even the armed groups which used to fight the state … We are ready to form local forces in Anbar, Nineveh and Salahadin, but they have to be under the control of the state.

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