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Heather Mills is an English activist, model, and entrepreneur born in 1968 in Aldershot, Hampshire, England. In 1993, she was involved in a traffic accident that caused her left leg to be amputated beneath the knee. Mills kept modeling with a prosthetic leg and began the Heather Mills Health Trust. Mills also serves as vice-president of the Limbless Association and won several gold medals in the 2014 Winter Paralympic Games. In 2002, she married musician Paul McCartney. The couple had one child and divorced in 2008.

17 Mar, 2008

Divorce settlement finalized


A London judge awards Mills $48.6 million dollars in her divorce settlement with ex-husband McCartney. After only four years of marriage, Mills claimed $250 million; two years after divorce proceedings began, she receives less than a fifth of that amount. McCartney is also ordered to pay $70,000 dollars per year in child support for the care of their mutual child Beatrice, as well as covering the costs of her education and nanny.

Heather Mills gets millions from Paul McCartney in divorce

5 Jun, 2006

People cover

heatherMills-McCarthy appears on the cover of People after reports that she and her husband, Paul McCarthy, are headed for a divorce. Source:

The truth is that the pair were just not compatible for the long haul. I don’t think it’s laughable to suggest she was bored, but I also don’t think it was a generational thing. You’ve got two people who’ve both got tremendous interests that are going to take them in opposite directions.

13 Apr, 2000

Wins damages


Mills wins $316,700 in damages for an accident involving British police motorcyclist PC Osborne. The case is settled out of court without any admission of guilt from Mills for the loss of her left leg. Mills issues a statement saying she only sued Osborne after he pursued his own claims against her for stress, anxiety, and loss of overtime due to a sprained wrist.

I feel a sense of relief that this is all over and this has ended in the right ruling for the public, not just myself.

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