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4 Jul, 2015

Lennon’s assassination made him a ‘martyr’

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showbiz-esquire-pa_3364499cIn an interview with Esquire magazine McCartney comments on how Lennon’s status changed after his murder:

The Beatles split up [in 1970] and we were sort of all equal. George did his record, John did his, I did mine, Ringo did his. It was as we were during the Beatles’ times. We were equal. When John got shot, aside from the pure horror of it, the lingering thing was, ‘OK, well, now John’s a martyr. A JFK.’ I started to get frustrated because people started to say, ‘Well, he was the Beatles.’ And me, George and Ringo would go, ‘Er, hang on. It’s only a year ago we were all equal-ish.

John was the witty one, sure. John did a lot of great work. And post-Beatles he did more great work, but he also did a lot of not-great work. Now the fact that he’s now martyred has elevated him to a James Dean, and beyond. So whilst I didn’t mind that – I agreed with it – I understood that now there was going to be revisionism. It was going to be: John was the one. I mean, if you just pull out all his great stuff and then stack it up against my not-so-great stuff, it’s an easy case to make.

He also discusses the order of the attribution of the Beatles songs, which was supposed to switch according to the main writer.

The original artwork had ‘Yesterday by John Lennon and Paul McCartney’ and a photo of John above it. And I went, ‘Argh, Come on, lads.’ Anyway they wouldn’t do it [change the names around]…I tell you what, if John was here he would definitely say that’s OK. Because he didn’t give a damn. It wasn’t anything that worried him. But I’ve given up on it. Suffice to say. In case it seems like I’m trying to do something to John.

7 Jul, 2014

Returns to stage


McCartney returns to a concert stage Saturday in Albany after being sidelined for two months because of a virus. McCartney plays for just under three hours with 38 songs before finishing with the three-song medley that ends the Abbey Road album.

It’s great to be back

The crowd pleasing show included inviting two concert goers, John Dann and Claudia Rogers, to the stage where Dann got on one knee and proposed.

20 May, 2014

Japan tour canceled


Due to a viral illness, McCartney is forced to cancel his entire Japan performance tour. His doctors order complete rest, and tickets to the Japan concerts are being refunded:

Unfortunately my condition has not improved overnight. I was really hoping that I’d be feeling better today. I’m so disappointed and sorry to be letting my fans down.


26 Jan, 2014

Wins Grammy

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Grohl, McCartney, Novoselic, and Smear wins Grammy for Best Rock Song for Cut Me Some Slack.

This song was two hours in my studio…we knocked this out in a couple of hours and to me that’s what rock and roll is all about.

Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear Win Best Rock Song | GRAMMYs

7 Nov, 2013

Rolling Stone cover

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i7gco3zlufzttzlMcCartney appears on the cover of the November 2013 issue of Rolling Stone magazine. He talks about consulting with John Lennon, his murderer, and critics.

I’ve always got the critic in my mind. He keeps me on my toes — ‘Don’t get too blasé about it.’ I don’t want to become too smug, to think I’m great.

10 Feb, 2013

Wins Grammy

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McCartney wins Grammy for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album for Kisses On  The Bottom. This is his 17th Grammy win.

I don’t think a lot of the best musicians in the world got Grammys

9 Feb, 2012

Inducted into Hollywood Walk of Fame

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McCartney is honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame under the category of Recording. There to celebrate his award are his family and close friends Elvis Costello, Herbie Hancock, and Neil Young.

In Liverpool, when we were kids and listening to Buddy Holly and all the other rock and roll greats, I would have never thought the day would come when I’d be getting a star on the Walk of Fame. I thought it was an impossible thing to happen. But here we are today.


9 Oct, 2011

McCartney, Shevell marry

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paul-mccartney-4-440McCartney marries Shevell during an afternoon ceremony in London. The couple are greeted with cheers as they arrive at the Old Marylebone Town Hall. Shevell wears a flower in her hair and long-sleeved, v-neck, knee-length ivory dress and shoes by her new stepdaughter, Stella McCartney, who also made her father’s navy blue suit.

13 Feb, 2011

Wins Grammy

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McCartney wins Grammy for Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance for Helter Skelter.

17 Mar, 2008

Divorce settlement finalized

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A London judge awards Mills $48.6 million dollars in her divorce settlement with ex-husband McCartney. After only four years of marriage, Mills claimed $250 million; two years after divorce proceedings began, she receives less than a fifth of that amount. McCartney is also ordered to pay $70,000 dollars per year in child support for the care of their mutual child Beatrice, as well as covering the costs of her education and nanny.

5 Jun, 2006

People cover


heatherMills-McCarthy appears on the cover of People after reports that she and her husband, Paul McCarthy, are headed for a divorce. Source:

The truth is that the pair were just not compatible for the long haul. I don’t think it’s laughable to suggest she was bored, but I also don’t think it was a generational thing. You’ve got two people who’ve both got tremendous interests that are going to take them in opposite directions.

12 Mar, 1969

McCartney, Eastman marry

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_40923455_mcarteastpa238McCartney marries Eastman in a civil ceremony in London. Hundreds of people gathered outside the Marylebone Register Office to catch a glimpse of the couple as they arrived with Eastman’s six-year-old daughter, Heather, from a previous marriage.

6 Jul, 1954

Lennon, McCartney meet


paul meets johnMcCartney sees Lennon perform with the Quarrymen in the garden of St. Peter’s church in Woolton, Liverpool. The band plays standards like Railroad Bill, Cumberland Gap and Maggie Mae, and Be Bop A Lula.

After the show, in the church hall, they are introduced by Vaughn, a former schoolmate of Paul’s, who occasionally played tea-chest bass in the band. Paul helps John tune his guitar and plays a few songs for him. McCartney:

I remember him in a checked shirt with slightly curly hair. It was a beautiful summer day and I walked in there and saw John on stage and he was singing Come Go With Me by the Del Vikings. But he didn’t know the words – so he made them up.