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Breaks silence, wants emails released

19 May, 2015

After a campaign event at a bike shop in Iowa, where she was discussing small businesses and entrepreneurship, Clinton breaks her 28-day streak not talking to the press by answering six questions from reporters. On the release of State Department emails.

I want those emails out. Nobody has a bigger interest in getting [the emails] released than I do. They are not mine; they belong to the State Department. But as much as they can expedite that process. That’s what I’m asking: please move as quickly as they possibly can.

On her wealth:

Well, obviously Bill and I have been blessed and we’re very grateful for the opportunities that we had. But we’ve never forgotten where we came from, and we’ve never forgotten the kind of country that we want to see for our granddaughter. … So I think that most Americans understand that the deck is stacked for those at the top, and I am running a campaign that is very clearly stating that we want to shuffle that deck.

On the Clinton Foundation:

I am so proud of the foundation. I’m proud of the work that it has done and that it is doing. … And I’ll let the American people make their own judgments about that.

During the event, Clinton told the local businesses owners that she wants to roll back regulations on small businesses and small banks and spur business creation across the country.

I want to be a small business president.

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