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6 Feb, 2017

Holm doesn’t think she ‘broke’ Rousey

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Holm is asked about her win’s effect on Rousey:

I’m one of those that, I’m a firm believer in the fact that once a fighter, always a fighter. She might not ever want to fight again. She might not fight for two years, and then she might say, ‘You know what? I’m really egging for it. I want to get back in there, I really want to fight. I’ve had enough of this regular life business.’ You know? Here’s what I think about [her being broken] and a lot of people have asked me about that ever since she had that fight with Nunes. Coming off of a knockout, [whether it’s] Ronda or anybody else — I’m not saying it’s just her, it’s just fighters — you come off of a knockout it is very, very hard mentally and emotionally. You second-guess yourself. I remember when I got knocked out, every time I would spar for the first two weeks, every time I would get hit, I would be like, am I OK? Yeah, I think I’m OK. Am I OK? Yeah, I think I’m okay. You really second guess yourself a lot.

4 Feb, 2017

Coach: Holm ‘broke’ Rousey

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Winkeljohn, Holm’s coach, says Rousey was broken by Holm.

I can’t see [Rousey returning to fight] happening now. Yeah, it just absolutely can’t happen. I think Holly broke (Rousey). I think Ronda was on top of the world and Holly broke her because when she came out for Amanda she just wasn’t the same fighter by any means. Not taking anything away from Amanda, but Ronda, she didn’t have anything, she just wasn’t there. She was just basically waiting for the end in essence once she couldn’t find a way to grab her. And she did the same thing she’s done before in the past, reaching out with her left arm and trying to corral. It was just a one-sided fight just like I said. I think she’s done.

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20 Dec, 2016

Holm: McGregor’s self-belief drives success

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Holm says McGregor’s success comes from his self belief.

I think he’s great… a lot of people are like ‘well, he’s never gone the distance’ or ‘well, he’s never been with a wrestler’, or ‘well, he’s never been with this person who hits this hard’. He’s been put in some bad spots and we’ve seen his vulnerabilities but I think that you have to have ability to be able to actually succeed in a lot of these things. It is mostly mental, if you believe in yourself you’re going to perform well. He does believe in himself, he does believe that he’s capable and that is one of the biggest parts to his game – but, if he didn’t have any skill to back it up he wouldn’t be just making it off his mouth.

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