Holly Willoughby

Holly Willoughby interview

30 Mar, 2014

The Guardian interviews Willoughby about how she copes with being on more than one television show at a time.

People think I work a lot more than I do. I think because you’re in people’s living rooms every day they’re like: ‘Oh my God, you’re always on the telly,’ but it’s like, Yeah but you always have to go to work every day nine till five whereas I finish at 12.30pm and then I’m home. You make it [work] less stressful by putting a system in place. On This Morning we’ve got a really good team of people everyone knows their jobs inside out so you can really just rely on something to be done. You know, I’m watching you doing shorthand, thinking: How on earth are you doing that? but it’s a skills set something you’ve learned and done over the years and it’s second nature, and I guess it’s the same for me.

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