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Appears on Late Late Show: ‘If you can’t stand up, stand out’

11 May, 2018

O’Connell appears on The Late Late Show where he describes his reaction to the news that he had broken his neck and would be confined to a wheelchair. He was left paralysed from the neck down after falling from his bike at Killarney National Park when he was 16 years old and many have found his response to his misfortune inspiring.

I said to myself ‘Ian, there’s not much you can do here. Crying isn’t going to make me stand up and run around the place again.’ I always say to myself if you can’t stand up, stand out.

Asked about people who inspire him, O’Connell named Conor McGregor and his dedication to Mixed Martial Arts.

Ian O'Connell recounts the day he became paralysed | The Late Late Show | RTÉ One

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