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23 Apr, 2014

Ian Somerhalder interview

Seacrest interviews Somerhalder during On Air With Ryan Seacrest about possibly staring in the film 50 Shades Of Gray. 

Potentially. I absolutely would be up for that. I have the book and I just started reading it. That would be a pretty incredible thing, and hopefully that could pan out, I think. Yes, beyond the shadow of a doubt I think that would be a phenomenal opportunity.

Ian Somerhalder Wants In On "50 Shades" Film | Interview | On Air With Ryan Seacrest

22 Apr, 2014

Tavis Smiley interview


Somerhalder discusses his work as a U.N. Goodwill Ambassador and his environmental advocacy in this interview for PBS.

I think there’s a growing sensibility that whether you’re a sports figure, a movie star, or an evangelical preacher, if you have a platform, you’re ultimately responsible to provide information that’s real to people. Particularly when it involves something that deals with all of us. Climate change is not just happening to you or them; it’s happening to all of us.

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