Idris Elba


31 Aug, 2010

Elba stars in the movie Takers as Gordon Cozier. He has his hands full with his sister who is strung out on drugs. He finds it impossible to keep her in rehab all while his friends plan the perfect heist. The cops are in pursuit of these guys but they aren’t  sure if they can trust each other.  Co-stars Matt Dillon, Paul Walker, Jay Hernandez, Tip T.I. Harris, Michael Ealy, and Chris Brown.

Well, I think it’s the first time I played the head of a thief, as an English guy in a film like this. I’ve never done this sort of role before. I definitely like this film. I like the genre. I’m a fan of cool guys stealing cool S%&! I would like to play this character again.

"Takers" 2010 - Official Trailer [HD HQ]

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