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24 Sep, 2014

Ike Barinholtz interview


Barinholtz returns as a guest on Conan and talks about football, Matthew McConaughey’s Superbowl ad, and the differences between Cubs and Sox fans in Chicago.

My theory is that he did not know that it was a commercial. He was driving around with his buddies and he just said those words. He’s driving with his friends and he’s like, “Life’s a road and you got to drive it.” His friends took out an iPhone and just started filming.

Ike Barinholtz's Prank On Matthew McConaughey - CONAN on TBS

12 Sep, 2013

Maxim Interview


Barinholtz talks about his role as Morgan Tookers on the show The Mindy Project:

When you first meet him he’s so crazy. He’s got this giant tattoo and he’s a crazy person. But then he started appearing more and more, and he started being more human. Especially when he was doing dumb things and you started to see the ramifications of that, like when he mailed Danny’s letter to [his ex-wife] and Danny [Chris Messina] had to fire him. The good thing about him is that at his core, he’s an idiot. So even though he does have some humanity, he’s a moron.

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