iLens1 post
18 Dec, 2014

iLens announcement


Apple announces the release of iLens, a smart contact lens that is activated by a series of the user’s blinks. Set to release in May, the iLens has all the features of the iPhone, including the camera. iLens designer, Parker Johnson:

Cellphones have become a huge social faux pas. Nothing is ruder than the glow of an iPhone at a restaurant. That’s why iLens is so great. You can be playing Candy Crush or watching football and no one will ever notice. They may just think you have a tic. However, if the ticking becomes involuntary, consult a physician immediately. The best part about the iLens may be the camera. Ever wish you could’ve capture a photo, but didn’t have time to fiddle with your phone? The iLens captures everything automatically, so you’ll never miss an Instagram, even selfies. All you have to is look into a mirror and wink.

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