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Netanyahu: No Iran deal is better than a bad deal

20 Jul, 2014

Netanyahu tells Blitzer that no deal is better than a bad deal on Iran, as the Islamic Republic he considers to be the world’s top terrorist state would seek to bypass efforts to prevent it developing weapons capabilities:

But I think what is important is that there wasn’t a bad deal, because there’s no deal.  And no deal is better than a bad deal.  We will see what the extension produces.  I think a good deal is what was achieved with Syria. They’re under the threat of U.S. military action.  And with the joint effort by President Obama and President Putin, Syria removed its chemicals and the capability to make chemical weapons.  They didn’t just keep it in place, freeze it, and put it under a lock and put an inspector on it.  They actually dismantled and removed.

He warns:

That’s not what Iran is holding out for. Iran wants to keep its capabilities and say, we will put a lock under and you can inspect it. But the whole idea for them is that, at a certain point, they break the lock.  The inspector will even say they broke the lock.  It will take him a few weeks to put together the wherewithal for a nuclear bomb. That’s a bad deal. Don’t make that deal, because if you think the Middle East is bad now, with ISIS, with Hamas, with Hezbollah, and with Iran, wait until Iran, one of the pre – the preeminent terrorist state of our time, has nuclear weapons.

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