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Pew: 40% blame Hamas, 19% Israel

29 Jul, 2014

A Pew Research poll indicates that 40% of Americans say Hamas is responsible for the 2014 Gaza conflict and 19% blame Israel. The survey conducted from July 24-27 shows that 60% of Republicans say Hamas is most responsible for the current violence, while 29% of Democrats agree that Hamas is responsible, while 28% don’t know who is to blame and 14% blame both sides.

[…] the partisan gap in Mideast sympathies is as wide as it has been at any point since the late 1970s

It shows that 46% of Republicans say Israel’s response has been appropriate while 19% say Israel has not gone far enough and 16% think it has been excessive. For Democrats, 35% say Israel has gone too far, 31% say they have responded appropriately and 9% say the country hasn’t done enough.

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