Jack LemmonOscar

Wins Oscar

2 Apr, 1974

Lemmon wins the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for his portrayal of Harry Stoner, a conflicted businessman, in John G. Avildsen’s Save the Tiger. Liza Minnelli and Gregory Peck present the award.

Well, I tell you, I had a speech prepared…in 1959. I’ve forgotten it . . . . I’ve never in my life been connected with anything that meant more to me and worked with so many wonderful professional people that cared and loved something so much. And they made it one of the great, great moments of my life, the making of that film, and that’s equal to this honor, just the privilege of working with them, truthfully. And I thank them all and I love them and respect them.

Jack Lemmon Wins Best Actor: 1974 Oscars

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