Jack Reacher

British censor board’s most complained about film

17 Jul, 2014

The Jack Reacher action thriller is the British Board of Film Censors most complained about movie of 2013. Twenty-six people wrote to British Board of Film Classification to protest against 12A certificate. The basis of the complaint is that the  film is seen as too violent and dark for this  age rating, A 12 A, which implies children under 12 must be  accompanied by an adult.

Despite the number of reductions made to scenes of violence to achieve the 12 A certificate, those who contacted us considered the film violent, dark and sadistic for 12 year olds and inappropriately presented the hero as a vigilante figure.

The most complained about film from the year before was The Woman in Black, a period horror film starring Daniel Radcliffe, which drew 134 complaints. It also had been given a 12A certificate.

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