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27 Jul, 2015

Proposes ‘Refugee Nation’


Buzi proposes an 11-page plan to house the world’s refugees who have nowhere to call home: simply create a new country for them to live in. He suggests four ways that his Refugee Nation could be created: using a sparsely-populated area of a developed nation, buying an empty island from a country like Indonesia, taking over an entire country that is sparsely-populated, like Dominica or building a new island in international waters. Buzi calls his solution logical and ‘glaringly obvious’, and has spent over $15,000 of his own money to create a website and campaign for the idea. He uses Israel as an example that new countries can be created, saying:

Israel was essentially founded as a refugee nation, exclusively for Jewish refugees….There is a solution, and it is glaringly obvious. It may sound grandiose, but it is not only logical – it is the only practical solution to this persistent, debilitating problem…The solution is simple: for the millions of stateless people around the world – a state of their own! Today 195 sovereign countries are recognised around the world. And we need one more . . . a country which any refugee, from anywhere in the world, can call home. Where each has the same legal rights to reside, work, pursue an education, have a family, buy and sell property, start a business, like any of us…Where everyone is an equal citizen, regardless of ethnic background, religious affiliation, or any other personal status. A completely inclusive and compassionate nation, in which every refugee is automatically granted citizenship.

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