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13 Aug, 2009

SES San Jose interview


Calacanis talks with John Mulligan of SEO-PR about how iPhone users have dissonance between the fact that their device does what it does perfectly, but is limited in its functions, and has hurdles in the way of experimental apps and migration to other mobile networks:

The iPhone is the greatest consumer device ever made. I think we can all agree on that. It is the Holy Grail of computing right now. It’s got a beautiful form factor, it’s fast now that they’ve got the new processor in it, and it’s just wonderful to use with the multi-touch and whatnot — however, I think that it is locked down like a cell phone or a mobile phone, but it’s acting like a computer. That’s creating some dissonance for me, and, I know, some other users.

Jason Calacanis takes on his iPhone in a jailbreaky deathmatch at SES San Jose 2009

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