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11 Mar, 2015

Withdraws from businesses


Bush decides to sell his ownership stakes in consulting groups, Jeb Bush & Associates and Britton Hill, in preparation of his presidential run. Spokesperson:

Just as he said he would, Governor Bush has been reviewing his private sector commitments as he contemplates a potential run…Governor Bush finalized that process this month, selling his ownership stakes in Jeb Bush & Associates and in the Britton Hill entities. This was a natural step as Governor Bush transitioned his time and focus from running his business to increasing his political efforts on behalf of conservative candidates and causes.

31 Dec, 2014

Resigns from corporate posts


Bush resigns from all corporate and non-profits board positions in preparation for 2016 presidential run. He is also reviewing is position in other businesses in which he is principal partner or owner. Spokeswoman:

Bush is reviewing his business engagements as he now actively explores a run for the presidency

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