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25 Jul, 2015

46th birthday party

Attend Event - Photocall5 Comments

J-Lo birthday dressLopez wears a black Bao Tranchi dress with cut-out panels for her 46th birthday party at 1OAK Southampton nightclub in Southampton City, New York. She is accompanied by Smart. Source:

J.Lo and Casper never left each other’s side. They held hands when they walked in. Looked very much together.


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She looks great yeah, but I imagine that being able to afford expensive makeup, clothing, and botox might be contributing factors.


Like it would be so brutal if she happened to look her age. Don’t get me wrong, she’s incredible. But look at Isabel Marant, for example, who looks her age and is insanely gorgeous. Aging isn’t a disease!


She still has an awesome body, but I’m not sure that the outfit really does her any justice, I am not too fond of that outfit in general.

Laurent Dupond

Pretty sure we all know how talented she is … but that dress looks like a weedwacker gave it a good spin.


She looks better than most of the celebrities half her age. Like a fine wine she is aging, more power to her.