Jeremy Woodard

Jeremy Woodard1 post
20 Oct, 2014

American fighter in Kobani

Woodard, a security guard from Meridian, Miss., says he paid his own way to Turkey and was smuggled into the battle zone after hearing about ISIS atrocities on the news. He says he is not the only American fighting for the Kurds – there are two or three others.

I’ve killed two, in my first battle in Jezaa, and that’s it so far. Hopefully my numbers will go up. I never thought I’d be over in Syria killing people, but they’ve killed innocent people.

He says he doesn’t fear capture by ISIS:

It’s not frightening to me. If I have one bullet left, I’ll take my own life before that happens. I’m not gonna get put on YouTube by ISIS, and let them put me on my knees and cut my head off for publicity.

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