Jerry ColangeloUSA BasketballInterview

KTAR in Phoenix interview

28 Feb, 2013

Colangelo speaks about the aspects of hiring a professional head coach for the USA Basketball team:

I think it’s kind of a neutral thing for me because on one hand I do know that there’s a little bit of jealousy involved and I think some organizations’ owners, managers and coaches would feel that someone had an edge if it was an NBA coach who got the opportunity to start spending time with all these players like we do. I can understand that, but it was like that way in ’92, ’96 and 2000 and 2004. Life went on. I do think this, USA basketball is an entity that is on the board controlled by the NCAA and the NBA, and I as chair kind of straddle this whole situation. I can build a strong case for saying different people should get different opportunities and we should kind of move it around a little bit.

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