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28 Aug, 2015

Lemonade stand shut down by police


Jessica Seinfeld posts a photo to Instagram after their son, Julian and two of his friends had their lemonade stand reportedly shut down by East Hampton police on Aug 18. A neighbor had complained about illegally parked cars, according to the East Hampton Press. Upon arrival, police told the Seinfelds that lemonade stands may not be operated on village property

22 May, 2014

Esquire interview


Seinfeld discusses appearing on Comedians in Cars in an interview with Esquire Magazine.

Jon Stewart, Robert Klein, Aziz Ansari, Sarah Jessica Parker, George Wallace. And I’ve done three of the five. Have two more to go. And it’s gone very well. The whole thing is leading me around now. It was really just an experiment. But I love the potential that a technology like the Internet gives a guy like me. I thought, What if I just put something out and didn’t say anything about it? People would probably start moving it around for me. It’s very self-promoting. Unlike traditional network or movies, where you got to hustle your butt off to get people to notice something, I said, This thing, it’ll do it itself.

1 Nov, 2007

O Magazine Interview


Seinfeld gives his thoughts on ending his NBC sitcom Seinfeld:

My managers and I still wonder: Did we stop at the right time? Before we ended the show, Jack Welch [former CEO of General Electric, which owns NBC] told me, Your ratings are still rising. Yes, I said, but the only way to see the end of a hill is to go past it and realize you’re going down.

O Magazine interview


Seinfeld speaks to Winfrey in an interview for O Magazine about producing Bee Movie.

I asked Steven Spielberg to direct a commercial I was going to make for American Express. I’d never met him, but I thought, What the hell why don’t I call? I’m Jerry Seinfeld, I’m not just nobody. [Laughs] Steven says, I can’t do it, but why don’t we have dinner tomorrow in East Hampton? I say, That sounds great. Then I hang up the phone and go, Oh my God! I’m a Jewish boy from Long Island, and I’m having dinner with Steven Spielberg! It was like my second Bar Mitzvah.

[At dinner] when we started talking about kids we were off to the races, but then the conversation ground to a halt. It happens to the best of us. As an entertainer, that’s when I kick into gear and say something witty to jump-start the conversation. The night before, I was sitting with a couple of friends, eating a Twizzler, and I said, What if somebody did a film called Bee Movie, and it was about bees? So during the dinner with Steven, I said this to relieve the lull we’d just crashed into. I figured, he’s a director, he’ll relate to the term B movie. But he didn’t laugh; he fixed his eyes on me and said, We’re going to make that movie. I was like, What do you mean we, Kemosabe? He said it was a great idea, and when he gets excited, it’s almost scary. He can get everyone else in the room excited! You don’t meet older people like that too often. It’s wonderful.

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