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12 Sep, 2014

Jhene Aiko interview

Power 106FM interviews Aiko about her album ‘Souled Out.

I’ve been through a lot more things since then, and you know I’ve just grown it’ me just elevated, and I’m excited for people hear and to share. She also shared where she gets her musical inspiration when writing these songs,  and not giving up hope on love. Was there a time you almost gave up on love?

Jhene Aiko Exclusive Interview w/Power 106

23 May, 2014

Trace Urban interview


Aiko chats about growing up in a musical household, how she got into the music industry and Tupac Shakur.

When I was 12 going on 13 I was presented with a label deal and I went ahead and signed. I was signed for two and a half years and I focused on school.

Jhené Aiko - R&B's sexiest voice

10 Aug, 2012

3:16 am video

Aiko releases 3:16 a.m directed by Topshelf Jr. from her debut Sailing Souls mixtape album. The song has plenty of numerical significance in her life.

The song was bare at first, but I took it home and wrote to it. It was comprised of just two instruments as first, and I felt over top of it, going crazy and just writing, and how that aided in coming up with the end result.

Jhené Aiko - 3:16am

16 Mar, 2011

Sailing Souls mixtape

Jhene_sailingsoulsAiko releases her debut R&B/Neo-soul mixtape Sailing Souls produced by K. Roosevelt, Fisticuffs, J.LBS, Bei Maejor and Tae Beast. The album is certified gold and features collaborations with Drake, Kanye West and Gucci Mane.

I found out I was pregnant and I was on Twitter one day and said something about selling your soul, but I spelled it wrong and Chase N. Cashe corrected me. I put sailing souls and he said, Oh, that would be a nice name for an album. And everything started happening after that.

19 Nov, 2008

Namiko Browner born


aiko childAiko gives birth to daughter Namiko, with ex-boyfriend O’Ryan Omir Browner, the brother of former B2K member and current Maybach Music artist, Omarion.

She gave me the focus, the drive and the urgency to get something done.


Leaves Epic Records

Epic records markets Aiko as Lil Fizz’s (B2K) cousin, she spends months in the studio recording over 200 songs and serves as the opening act on the B2K Scream 3 Tour. Epic records is not sure of her sound and she leaves the label.

I was in school and it was this random opportunity. They were willing to give me a deal along with the B2K deal and of course as a 13-year-old, you agree.


Signed to Epic Records

Aiko is signed to Epic Records at 13 years old.

It was a piggy back deal that was thrown on me because of my affiliation with B2K.


Family pursues music

When Aiko is seven years old her brothers are involved in the music industry and they are in a group with R&B artist Lil Fizz.

I was marketed as Lil’ Fizz’s cousin to try to launch my career.


Meets Stokes

When Aiko is five years old she is introduced to music producer Chris Stokes.

My family was around him, I was probably five or six when I first met him. I was always around him, and I was just sing just because my older sisters were singing. I just did the same thing. Whatever they were doing, I would just copy them.

16 Mar, 1988

Aiko born in Los Angeles


jhene-aiko-youngJhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo is born in Los Angeles to Christina and Dr. Karamo Chilombo. She is the youngest of five siblings. Her entire family pursues music and her older sisters are a part of the R&B group Gyrl.

By the time I was born all my brothers and sisters were singing. My sisters had a singing group since I can remember.

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