Jillian Michaels

Losing it with Jillian

1 Jun, 2010

The fitness trainer’s TV show, Losing it with Jillianpremieres on NBC.  In the show, Michaels travels across the country, living with a family for a week, and helping them re-claim their lives.  Whether it’s their personal relationships that are suffering or their physical health, Michaels tries  to figure out the problem and provide the direction and inspiration to fix it.  After two months she checks back in with the familes to see how their lives have improved.

This is a very intimate, personal situation. I’m moving in to people’s homes. I’m going to work with them. I’m living in their daily lives, experiencing their unhealthy habits. It’s tough. It’s been confrontational and intense … But I feel like we’re on track. It’s definitely a process and there is a gigantic learning curve for me because I don’t have months or weeks. I don’t have people that aren’t working or an unlimited amount of money to buy them organic groceries. It’s been a real challenge.

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