Jim CalhounInterview

WFAN in New York interview

13 Mar, 2013

Calhoun gives his thoughts on the final Big East Tournament that will involve all of the original teams:

It’s been quite a season for everyone in college basketball. You’re right about the Big East. I was standing with Jim Boeheim before they played us and both of us said the same thing. There’s a touch of sadness in name, anyway. I think we all feel the same way. You can’t have it any better. … It changed the face of the East, clearly, and definitively we would have never won the national titles without it. I don’t know if Villanova could have done it or any of us, including Syracuse. We took six titles from our league and all of that because of the great genius, God rest his soul, of David Gavitt. He changed the face and I think, quite frankly, he changed the face of college basketball.

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