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4 Sep, 2014

‘We will miss you’

McHale comments on the death of Rivers:

We will miss you Joan Rivers. What you did in your life was absolutely remarkable. Your rep for kindness to everyone was completely true

20 Aug, 2014

McHale interviews Handler

InterviewTV Appearance

Joel McHale turns the tables around on Handler and interviews the Chelsea Lately host about her decision to leave E! Network. Handler explains that she recently made her official announcement on the Howard Stern Show, and that she will be moving to Netflix.

Wouldn’t it be amazing, though, if I did leave and then the whole Kardashian empire just crumbled? In some stroke of crazy irony and happenstance, all of a sudden they just fell apart and … then I was a national hero.

18 Apr, 2014

Joel McHale interview

Seacrest interviews McHale during On Air With Ryan Seacrest about playing Ryan Seacrest on Community. 

I did get to play you two weeks ago on Community. I did not write that, but believe me I wish that I had. I turned into a Seacrest Hulk. I became the best looking person in the world in my mind, and there was a reaction to drugs and spray tan. I was at a bar mitzvah impersonating you with a bunch of celebrity impersonators, and I was doing you and then it was like a fake Oscars at a bar mitz and I did not win “Most Handsome” and so I went crazy and started beating up 13 year-old-boys. It’s ripped from the headlines.

16 Jul, 2013

Maxim Interview


McHale gives his thoughts on hosting the television show The Soup:

I’m the male version of Chelsea Handler. She does the same. I would liken it to a comedian that also acts. I see The Soup as kind of like a long late-night monologue that has a lot of clips in it. I took The Soup because—or rather, they offered it to me and I accepted—not just because of money, but because of the Greg Kinnear pedigree, where he transitioned from Talk Soup into acting, though at this point I’m not transitioning, I’m doing both (thank God). And when people see me on Community, I think they see that I can do both.

12 Dec, 2012

On Air interview


McHale gives an interview to Ryan Seacrest during On Air With Ryan Seacrest about hosting the Soup Awards. 

There’s like Best TV Show, there’s some things that are obscene that I can’t say, but most of those things are about Tori Spelling and what she revealed this year. Lou Diamond Phillips will be appearing and he will be playing Jada Pinkett Smith and I’m not kidding. And we just find ways to take clips and new clips and pretend it’s an award show. Since, you know, it’s that time of year, we’re just latching onto it like, I don’t know, the flu.

16 Sep, 2009

Elle Magazine interview


McHale gives interview to Elle about his rise to fame and career success in Community. 

Well, I slept with the appropriate men. No, I took The Soup because of the pedigree of Greg Kinnear. He was able to launch out of this. I thought it would open up the correct doors. And it did. Thank God, because The Soup is basically me doing stand-up for 22 minutes a week. Casting directors started calling me in. Then [Community] came up. It was the best script I’d read in years. We shot it, and I prayed that we got picked up. I knew we had a pretty good shot because Chevy Chase is in it.

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