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John Cena is a professional wrestler, actor and musician. He is currently signed to WWE and is best known for his time with the company.

19 Nov, 2014 interview


Cena talks to about who will run the show if The Authority is thrown out of power.

The WWE is built off of spur of the moment entertainment. Yes, we know what we get with The Authority but what we get isn’t what the WWE Universe wants. The boss should be the WWE Universe. We have an extremely active online community. They can be involved in all of this. They know who and what they want to see. Let’s try something new.

30 Aug, 2014

Miami Herald interview


Cena talks to The Miami Herald about his potential match with Hulk Hogan and young talent in WWE.

I do what I love, so when you wake up everyday, it’s not a job… A dream opponent for me would be Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan and Sting. I’m not sure if I could ever get in the ring with any of them, but you have heard Hogan say in the past, if he had one last match, he would want it to be against me. I say as a Hulk-a-Maniac growing up that would be the biggest honor I’ve ever received.

19 Jun, 2014 interview


Cena speaks to on his future in WWE and The Rock.

A lot’s happened. Physically, I’m just getting started. There’s plenty left to do. Every day is another opportunity. So it’s been a long and great ride.

13 Feb, 2014

Zap2It interview


Cena speaks to Zap2It about Daniel Bryan’s popularity and CM Punk.

Predicting the next WWE Superstar is like predicting the crooked stock market at the turn of the 19th century. You just can’t. That’s what’s beautiful about the WWE audience, that’s why I love it so much. It changes everyday, every arena, every city. I don’t know who will be next but I will keep trying to put people front and center so the WWE Universe gets a good look at people.

26 Nov, 2013

FOX Business interview


Cena talks to FOX Business about retirement and his Kmart clothing brand.

Kmart picked up on this concept. And, from a branding standpoint, I just didn’t outright leverage myself; I wanted a piece and equity in the brand. So, there was upfront money, plus equity in the brand.


26 Oct, 2013

Miami Herald interview


Cena talks to The Miami Herald about his personal relationship airing on television.

  I really wanted the show to be a success. I truly love Nicole, and I believe in her. It was a conscience decision for me to do it. I think our viewers will enjoy the second half of the first season that’s coming back in mid-November on the E! network. As the show grows, it gets better and more interesting to watch, and I think fans will enjoy it this time around

4 Apr, 2013

Associated Press interview


Cena talks to Associated Press about The Rock and people complaining about his part time schedule.

When he gets a small opportunity, he kicks the damn door down and owns the horse. Often times here, we have Superstars that remind me of a hamster on the treadmill and those are the guys that usually complain. I don’t take too kindly to them. I’m fortunate Rock’s here and I’m glad he’s here. He can show up whenever he wants.

27 Jun, 2012 interview


Cena talks to about having spent a decade in WWE to celebrate ten years with the company.

To be honest … being able to say that I make a living doing this has been the greatest experience in these 10 years. It’s pretty spectacular.

14 Sep, 2011 interview


Cena talks to about WWE Superstars as the latest installment to WWE’s video game franchise.

To me, it was like the games I grew up really liking. I don’t want to say it’s a throwback, because the game is technologically as good as any other game. But it’s got the gameplay and the over-the-top moves that I like. It’s very pick-up-and-go.

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