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13 May, 2014

Baby Hazel Photo

Krasinski and Blunt release photos of their infant daughter, Hazel, who is four months old. The proud father and his wife had decided to hold off on releasing earlier photos of the baby, in order to enjoy her privately. The parents are against selling photos of their children to new media outlets. The parents feel that baby photos should be shared with fans, directly from parents instead of the press.

1 Nov, 2012

Elle Magazine interview


Krasinski gives interview to Elle about dealing with the ending of his TV series The Office. 

With the show coming to a close, my identity of being that character is going to be over. Basically I’ll be relying on what I’ve built and what I am and who I’m trying to be. So there’s a total terrifying fear there. There’s also the terrifying fear of writing something and being like, ‘This is actually who I am and who I’ve always wanted to be I hope you guys accept that.’ That’s terrifying. Now I’m talking to you like I’m on a couch. Let’s talk for an hour about how terrified I am of life.

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